Sunday, July 11, 2021

Deep Sea Fishing

Grandpa treated us to an evening out on the open water for some deep sea fishing, and except for some of us not feeling great, we caught a ton of fish and had an awesome time! Thanks Grandpa!


We caught A LOT of sea bass and porgies, and the guys on the boat were awesome helpers reeling them in with the little ones, and baiting our hooks for us (for those of us who didn't want to touch the clam bait)!

Someone on the boat even caught a mini shark and let us touch it!

It was pretty cool that ALL of us caught something, and some even caught two at a time!

Liam didn't feel great on the boat, but he rallied and reeled in the last fish of the trip!

The guys on the boat filleted everything for us to take home, and I made some awesome fish tacos out of them! Emily loved the whole experience... especially when she got to watch them gut them and when they let her hold up three fish right through their mouths!

Thanks for the awesome adventure Grandpa!


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