Saturday, November 26, 2022

Christmas and Birthday Celebrations!

While we were together for the holidays, we took the opportunity to celebrate an early Christmas morning together, and a birthday celebration for me! My mom couldn't be with us, but in true Mor-Mor fashion, she provided games! This one was quite a winner... It was called the exploding outhouse, and after building a wooden outhouse with a mousetrap inside, you have to spit beans with a straw through the hole to set off the mouse trap and watch the outhouse explode... It was as crazy as it sounds, and there were beans all over the kitchen, but it created a memory for sure!

There were a lot of techniques that were tried...

... but ultimately, we had to get REALLY close, and Emily was the one to make it happen!

I woke up on my birthday to some sweet caramel rolls and a decorated kitchen! 

We had our Christmas gift exchange with each other...

That evening, Brian and I went out with Jenn & Aaron to a few places in downtown Grand Rapids, where we found some fun spots, awesome drinks & the best memories!

Brian's espresso martini was my favorite of the night!

The second place we went to was a secret speakeasy, where we had to get a code ahead of time to get in... Unfortunately, they were busy so the code didn't work until they had room for us, but it worked!

The bar was outside on their rooftop, and since it was only 40 degrees out, you would think it would be freezing... but our rosy cheeks tell another story! They had so many heaters on that we were DYING, and had to have them turn them down! 

It was a wonderful way to wrap up our trip! Thank you to our Michigan family for the beautiful memories!

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