Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving in Michigan

We had a fun time this Thanksgiving on our trip to Michigan! Plans changed a bit since I was planning on flying to my mom's house first... She ended up getting Covid, so my visit to see her new place will have to wait. Luckily she's feeling much better and I got a couple of extra days to spend with my sister! When I arrived, there was still snow on the ground from their recent snowstorm, and we had a blast shopping together, picking Megan up from college, and starting Thanksgiving prep before Brian and the kids showed up.

As soon as the rest of the family showed up after their 13 hour drive, Ben couldn't wait to play in the little bit of snow that was still left...

He finally got around to family greetings, and moved straight into helping Aunt Jenn get the table cards set for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving morning started off with an awesome breakfast and mimosas!

Aaron smoked the turkey this year, and despite thinking the turkey was done WAY too early, it turned out amazing and looked beautiful!

Ben's name cards were perfect for the table!

Emily's job was to light the candles, and she loved their lighter!

A good looking family all together for the holidays!

Some of our meals look different than others...

But we all ended up laying down right after eating... How does this ALWAYS happen???

After dinner, we played an unsolved mystery game where we worked together for 3 hours to solve a cold case file... It was tricky, but we solved it with only a few clues!

I made our favorite chocolate chess pie for dessert, and it was awesome... except that I forgot to spray the dish, so it wasn't exactly easy to get it out... oh well!

We had a wonderful day celebrating together and are all truly thankful for all the blessings we have been given in our family!

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