Friday, August 4, 2023

Trying to stay cool this summer...

It has been a CRAZY hot summer here this year, so we had to try to find some creative ways to stay cool... Apparently everyone around the world was experiencing hot summers, and I love this sign I found online from the London underground station!

We went on a lot of shopping trips, mostly so we could stay in and enjoy some air conditioning!

Shopping with Emily NEVER disappoints!


Ben has become quite the comedic shopper as well!

We tried several new restaurants this summer, and Emily even ordered and ATE authentic ramen!

We had to find some new indoor activities with friends too, and on this date night, we had a blast in an escape room together!

And who knew grocery shopping together could be so fun! This store has a Beer den and sold mimosas you could walk around and shop with!

We joined in the celebration of the "Barbinheimer" movie weekend... First with girlfriends for Barbie, and then Oppenheimer with Brian and the girls!

Emily was called out for looking like a real, live Barbie doll by one of the employees at the theatre... and they weren't wrong! She's beautiful!

We've been reading about this phenomenon this summer about how the beaches on the North Carolina coast are turning tropical looking, so Abby and I decided to take a day trip to check it out... It was an AWESOME adventure, the waters were clear blue, and we truly loved spending the relaxing day at our favorite happy place together!

What an awesome, relaxing day enjoyed together!

Emily's not a beach bunny, so after my time spent with Abby, Emily & I spent an evening together staying cool with her favorite activity... ice skating! When we got there, we even had the rink to ourselves for a bit!

Emily is getting awesome with her lessons! I'm loving watching the development of her turns, spins & jumps! 

Ben enjoyed a few quick walks in the shade to catch some Pokemon balls with Uncle Ryan...

We had several pool parties we went to this summer, and it was a great way to keep cool too! Hope y'all are staying cool too!

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