Friday, August 11, 2023

Working through our "Mini" Mid-Life Crisis here....

With our kids getting older, only one year left with a non-teenager in the house, two high schoolers, a middle schooler, and one kid driving, Brian and I are concurrently feeling a little "mid-life crisis"- like here... He decided it was time to add a new "FUN" car to our driveway, and even though I resisted at first, I definitely got on board after driving this adorable Mini Cooper convertible! Everyone has been asking WHOSE car it is, and while it technically belongs to the family, I'm not going to lie... she's totally mine!

 Thank you, Brian, for this awesome bundle of fun to spice up our date nights and have us feeling young again! You were totally right... this car makes your wife look even HOTTER! :) 

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