Saturday, August 26, 2023

Last hurrah of summer!

I can't believe summer break is over already and the kids are headed back to school on Monday! We took advantage of our last weekend of summer and went to a new waterpark in our area that has an inflatable obstacle course on a beautiful lake in an old rock quarry. We all had a blast with our friends, and laughed the whole time, but we won't be able to move for days! It was quite a workout!!!!!

There were 4 different levels of difficulty, but I never had any idea where I was on the map, and I thought it was all hard!

Warming up in the forbidden jump house...

The lake was absolutely amazing! Crystal clear & warm but super refreshing on the 98 degree day!

We all started out together, but quickly spread out all over the course...

There were a bunch of high points you could jump off from, and slides that launched you straight down and out onto the lake!

Like I said... it was QUITE the workout!

Just walking was hard for most of us!!!!

Apparently, the lighter you are, the easier it is to not fall off!

This swing took a certain "form" to get across, and Brian and Ben were the best at it! Thankfully I was taking all the pictures so no one got my disastrous try on camera!

They had some cliff jumping there too, and most of us tried it...

Brian & Emily also tried out on a paddleboard and kayak for a bit... Emily is quite the water adventurer!

What an awesome way to wrap up summer!

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