Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Ladies Weekend at the Beach

My yearly beach trip with the ladies took a hiatus last year, but we got back to it this summer... It wasn't as much a "party" weekend vibe this time, but an awesome relaxing time together to sit by the water, read a book, share some great conversations, get some much needed sleep & only have to plan, pack & cook for ourselves! It was perfect!

Of course we picked the HOTTEST days of the summer, but at least it wasn't a hurricane this year!

We walked to town one night to go out for a crab dinner, and when we arrived grossly hot & sweaty, we found the restaurant was closed, and we only had a few minutes to book it to the only remaining restaurant open at that time! We'd always wanted the taco place, and it was delicious... even though it wasn't crab... This town would be perfect for me in retirement someday. They all go to bed at 8pm!

We definitely enjoyed our walk home from dinner on the beach, and Maddie even showed us how to crab with flashlights!

I'm not sure how we still ended up with so much stuff without any kids, but Maddie was an awesome sherpa! (This may have been the day I left early to take a nap!)

The beach was super windy, but thank goodness, because it was toasty!!!

We enjoyed our quiet time and ALL finished books this time!

Since the Crab Pot was unreliable with their hours, and we REALLY wanted seafood for dinner, we decided to try something new this year. We checked out "Topsail Steamer" and had our own steamer pot put together to make at home that night. It was just like an old fashioned Maine lobster boil, and we had such a blast with our evening in!

Maddie had clearly never done this before, and didn't know you are supposed to eat off of the paper they provided for us. Once she moved over, she totally got it, but left quite a mess behind!!

Maddie had her own dance party while we enjoyed an ongoing game of dominoes...

This was very clearly my WORST game of dominoes EVER!!!!

We realized on the way home that maybe that dance party was too much for her... and now we know where B gets his sleep skills from!

Thank you to the lovely ladies who make my life brighter while we share in it together! I had a wonderful time resting, relaxing & recharging with y'all! 

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