Monday, November 26, 2012

The tooth fairy made a stop at our house!

The first morning I woke up at my cousins house, I had a whole apple as a snack, and Mommy & Daddy noticed that my bottom tooth was starting to get a little loose! I was SO excited, and even though my cousins kept telling me that it could take a long time for it to fall out, I couldn’t stop wiggling it & hoping I would lose it sooner than later! Finally, after dinner, Alayna helped me get up the courage to just yank it out! I was so excited about it, that I didn’t even mind all of the blood!





My cousins let me use their tooth fairy box to keep my tooth in, and the tooth fairy found me all the way in Michigan! She left me a note and 100 pennies! I’m rich!




The best part about losing my tooth, is finding all kinds of things to fill the space in my gums! My favorite is drinking through a straw!


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