Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well, we’ve made it through the storm of a century here! We lost power for 3 days after Hurricane Sandy moved through the East Coast, but thankfully, we had no real damage to our property (except for having to throw out all of the food in the fridge)… As soon as the lights went out, we were pretty excited, since we got to carry our candle lanterns, and have family game night by flashlight! Since the storm was pretty powerful, mommy thought it was a good idea for all of us to sleep in the basement, JUST IN CASE any trees fell on the house! We didn’t think that could really happen until we drove around the next morning checking out the damage in our neighborhood (and trying to find some cell phone service so we could let everyone know we were ok). There were trees EVERYWHERE! What we saw was pretty terrible, and it was NOTHING like what so many people have been through with this storm.

We were feeling pretty lucky, until we found out that Nannie & Grandpa somehow managed to keep ALL of their power! So, after hearing that news, we drove home, threw some clothes in a bag, took the stuff from our freezer, and headed out to their house. Luckily, a few of the bridges had reopened, so we were able to make it out there without any trouble. We were excited to see Aunt Bridget, Uncle Kevin & Liam there too, because they didn’t have power at their house either! It ended up being a big family party and we ended up staying until Friday afternoon (when we found out our power had gone back on).  What a memory this experience made for us!








This is just proof to everyone that our house is still standing!


When we decided to head back home to start the clean up process, we didn’t hit too much traffic, but we found the most INSANE lines along the side of the road (some HOURS long) of people waiting to fill up at gas stations before they ran out of gas… There is a MAJOR gas shortage here, with many stations completely sold out, but luckily, we made it home with a little less than half a tank to spare, which should allow us to do a few local errands until the gas stations open back up again.


After getting home and cleaning out our fridge, Mommy went to the grocery store to buy some bread and milk, and try to replace a lot of what we had to throw out, but this is what she found when she got there… There was almost NO produce, dairy, refrigerated or frozen foods in the entire store. She was VERY lucky to happen to be there when they were getting their first shipment of milk and yogurt, so we got a lot of what we need for now…


On the way home from the grocery store, we saw this tree that had fallen on someone’s property… At least they have a sense of humor!


We are so thankful we made it through this storm safely and with no real damage, and we are praying for the many families who are still without power and who have lost so much. Thank you for all of your prayers!

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