Onward to Middle School!

We finally wrapped up this crazy school year, and Emily's "graduation" to middle school looked a little different. It involved a drive-thru pick up of her things, a chance to say goodbye to her wonderful teacher, another drive-thru with friends to get snow cones and take pictures, being recognized on our neighborhood graduation sign, and some fun activities to celebrate the start of summer. It wasn't how I had hoped to celebrate her graduation, but she took it all in stride and even willingly let me snap some pictures! Happy graduation to our sweet, smart & spunky Emily! You will do awesome things in Middle school!

Ben had the opportunity too to drive thru and pick up his things, and snap a picture with his teacher, but he was a little nervous getting close...

Talk about a sad ending to an awesome second grade year... Bring on the mom tears!

Emily went to her final send off in the school parking lot with two friends... first time we've been in a car with anyone! I'll admit it felt a little weird and we used our hand sanitizer, but it also felt good to do some of the small things that bring us back to "normal"...

They had snow cones for the graduates...

After the school send-off, we continued the party at the pool for a 2-hour slot of swimming!

We have a wonderful neighbor who made a graduation sign for all of the different graduates, and Emily was happy to find her name right near the top!

Fifth grade will definitely be one for the history books, but we're so proud of all of Emily's accomplishments!

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