Saturday, April 28, 2018

Our first 5K race!

We joined Girls on the Run this year at school and have been training for a 5K! We had to get up early on a SATURDAY and head to downtown Durham to hit the ground running… Daddy was pumped, as he’s been training a bit, Abby was nervous to run with him, but excited, Mom was tentative because she hurt her ankle, and Emily didn’t want to have a single thing to do with the day…

-Abby & Emily


Emily wasn’t ready to leave the house at 7:30 this morning, and CERTAINLY not to go running…

IMG_3789 IMG_3792

There were SO many people, it was a beautifully sunny, 70 degree weather day, and there was lots of fun energy!



The girls had made tutu’s to wear for the race, but Emily’s less-than-excited mood ended her tutu on Mom instead…


There were hairspray stations, and we all get festive for the race! We even finally convinced Emily to “slightly” shade her ponytail green…

IMG_3806 IMG_3808


IMG_3814 IMG_3822

Mom’s purple highlights didn’t show up too well, but Dad’s green stripes was enough for everyone!


Our team was ready to go!


Emily and Mom were “running” partners, and it’s a good thing she’s a good “puller”! Her arms might be more tired than her legs now though!


Ready, set, go!!!!


You can do it Em!!!! Mom was just happy if her feet were moving forward at this point…


One of our finishers was slightly less happy about it than the other (there may have even been a lot of tears in the last 3.0 miles of the 3.2 mile race), but we did it and we got awesome medals!


Dad & Abby finished in 40 minutes, and Mom and Emily finished in under an hour!

IMG_3843 (2)


We did get a smile out of everyone when we wrapped up with a trip to Starbucks! We might not do another 5K anytime soon, but in the end, we’re glad we did it, and some of us even had fun!


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