Saturday, April 28, 2018

A day on the lake…

Nannie and Grandpa came for a visit, and we had a beautiful 70 degree day, so we decided to get a boat and take them out on Jordan Lake! The first part of the ride was a bit chilly and SUPER windy, but once we found a spot to stop and fish and play on the beach, it was so warm, we could sun bathe in our bathing suits! We love spring in the South (i didn’t hurt that it was snowing back in Long Island that day!)


IMG_3544 IMG_3548



It got pretty choppy on the waters, and Grandpa got sprayed A LOT in the front of the boat!


Emily and Ben found a way to stay out of the wind…


… but this was the BEST hiding spot!


We stopped for some cat fishing… We had fun even though we didn’t catch anything on our horribly smelly bait!

IMG_3552 IMG_3557


Mom’s not sure when it happened, but we would rather sunbathe now than fish…



We still love playing on the beach though!



We had a great time!

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