Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round 2

Well, I guess our plagiocephaly journey isn’t over just yet… After Ben graduated from his first helmet, we went for a follow-up appointment with the craniofacial surgeon. To say the very least of a VERY emotionally charged appointment, he ended up recommending another band to help continue balancing out the bossing on his forehead, and to hopefully gain a more “round” shape instead of the oval one he has now. While he said it wasn’t completely necessary anymore, and that all of the FUNCTIONAL implications of his asymmetry had resolved (risk for TMJ, asymmetrical facial features, etc…), he felt that one more band might get him a little bit closer to a rounder shape.

While the bigger, “protective mother” part of me wanted to be done and not have to have him go through anymore treatment, I understood the opinions of others of “just giving him a chance”, and in the end, we will now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have done everything we possibly could for him. In my mind, he is such a perfect little boy just the way he is, but I know someday he will look back on this, and only remembering it through the pictures that I have used to document his journey, I am sure he will thank us for doing this for him. And that seems to make it all ok…


If you’d like to look back on his previous plagiocephaly posts, here are the links:







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