Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Liam’s photoshoot

Aunt Bridget and Liam came up for a visit today to go and get some professional pictures done of all the kids at the mall… As you can imagine with 4 kids, it did NOT go very well, and we didn’t come home with much to show for it! However, during the big kid’s naptime, mommy set up her own photo shoot for Liam’s 3 month pictures, and they turned out pretty good! We have to do it this way more often!

-Abby, Emily & Ben

He got all ready for his pictures with a bath first…



He really seemed to like hanging out in baskets too… He fits in well at our house!



IMG_4593 (2)


He’s still a baby and had a hard time holding his head up for too long, so Aunt Bridget would get him all ready, let go, and mommy would snap away quickly!



Even Ben got his picture taken and LOVED it!


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