Monday, April 9, 2012

Back to the ER

Well, I decided to start off our fun-filled weekend of Emily’s birthday party and our Easter celebration with a “BANG”! I was playing on the couch and fell off, landing right on the radiator… ON MY HEAD! Mommy saw the fall and came running to me… I wasn’t crying, and couldn’t understand why she was so worried until I looked up and saw her arms COVERED in blood! Since I don’t like blood, even a little bit, I started screaming while mommy tried to find where it was coming from. After a few minutes of putting pressure on it and a shower to try to find the cut, she decided it was time to head to the emergency room to get me checked out. I told her while I was getting dressed to go that I didn’t want to ruin Emily’s birthday party, but that I really wanted stitches again… Mommy doesn’t understand me sometimes…

Uncle Kevin drove us to the hospital while Aunt Bridget stayed at home to watch the other kids and clean up the VERY bloody house (thanks again Aunt Bridget)! After the nurse cleaned up all of the blood, she finally found the cut and put some numbing medicine on it, while we waited for the doctor. We had to wait a long time, because there were a lot of kids in the pediatric ER… one of them had a broken arm, one had a bad cut on his lip that needed stitches, and one little boy was there because he stuck TRIX cereal up his nose and got it stuck… We were all laughing pretty hard at that one!

When the doctor came back in, she said I would need a few staples to close up my cut, and after only a few mild tears, and 4 staples, I was on my way home! Mommy was SO proud of how brave I was, and she was very thankful that Aunt Bridget and Uncle Kevin were there to help! Thanks everyone! I’m pretty proud of my staples too!



BEWARE: There are a few graphic pictures!!!



The next morning, Nannie & Grandpa arrived to celebrate Emily’s birthday, and I couldn’t WAIT to tell them all about it! They had NO idea what my “news” was, and Nannie’s expression when I told her was pretty funny! They couldn’t believe it, but were very proud of how brave I was!


She almost didn’t want to look…



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