Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday to me!

Today we got to celebrate my 3rd birthday, and all I wanted was a “Shaun the Sheep” party! Mommy was trilled not be throwing another princess party, and we all had so much fun! Unfortunately, I have a pretty bad cold, so I wasn’t feeling great, but I still had an awesome time! Thanks everyone for celebrating with me!



Mommy & daddy bought me my very own Shaun the Sheep, and although I was honestly more excited about the box at first, I bring him everywhere with me now!





Nannie got me the BEST present! I LOVE my pink cowgirl boots! I am kind of sad that my Woody boots don’t fit me anymore, but these go SO much better with my princess dresses! I loved my Jessie costume from Nannie & Grandpa too!

IMG_4055 IMG_4059


Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin even bought me my very own puppy to take care of! Thank guys!


Mommy & daddy got me the princess scooter that I wanted, and Abby bought me my very own Rapunzel and Pascal dolls!

IMG_4068 IMG_4071

Even Uncle Ryan came out to celebrate with me… and he got to meet Ben for the very first time!


We had a “make-your-own-pizza” party for my birthday dinner, and everyone had a great time!




Uncle Kevin was VERY serious about his pizza dough, but he did an awesome job!

IMG_4124 IMG_4130 


I don’t think I did that bad myself!

IMG_4136 IMG_4138

Grandpa tried too, although his didn’t go so well…


Mommy made a whole bunch of homemade Shaun the Sheep decorations for my party, and even added in some last minute “pink” at my request! Thanks mommy!

IMG_4162 IMG_4164

We had quite a flock for my special dinner! Look how much our family is growing!



She even made a special kit-kat barnyard cake with sheep cupcakes grazing in the grass! I LOVED it!




Can you believe I’m THREE years old already?!?!?!?


Unfortunately, my night ended in an early bedtime and some nebulizer breathing treatments since my cold got so bad, but I still had an AWESOME time! What a crazy weekend! Thanks again everyone!




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