Monday, February 27, 2012

Learning time!

I’ve been doing a lot of learning activities with mommy & daddy recently, and I’m getting GREAT at math! I can go through a whole sheet of “greater than, less than, or equal to” problems in no time, and I’m even learning how to do addition problems, thanks to my “study buddy time” I had with daddy this weekend! Mommy gave me some pennies this morning to help me with my adding, and after remembering what the “+” and “-“ signs meant, I got EVERYTHING right, all on my own! I can’t WAIT for kindergarten!






I also LOVE working all of the Rapunzel learning worksheets and games that mommy found for me on Pinterest! I’ve learned more math, reading, bar graphs & even measuring with a ruler! I could work on them all day!



Daddy also taught me some more about maps this weekend (he LOVES maps), and we each made our own map and colored in the states we’ve been to! What we learned is that Mommy has already been coast-to-coast, Emily seems to think Daddy has been to Montana & forgot that she’s been to Florida, and Ben needs to get out a bit more… We’re looking forward to adding Pennsylvania to his list of states when we go on our family vacation there in a few weeks!



Brian said...

Great work Abby. Your so smart.

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