Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get ready for A LOT of PINK!!!!!

Today was my family birthday party, and Nannie, Grandpa, Aunt Bridget, Uncle Kevin, and baby cousin Liam came to celebrate with me! I wanted a very PINK themed Barbie party, and mommy had a lot of fun planning for it! Thanks for a great day everyone!


I asked mommy to make me a Barbie cake this year, but I wanted her to have a PINK dress that was less “poofy” than last time, and I wanted her skirt to be pleated, not straight. Aunt Bridget says that wedding dress shopping for me someday is going to be tough, and I’m pretty sure she’s right! I just know what I want!


Mommy painted my nails SUPER PINK before my party!


Daddy started out my party day with some delicious PINK pancakes!

IMG_1946 IMG_1951

The house was decorated in PINK flowers, PINK banners, PINK balloons, and I got to open tons of PINK presents!


Since my favorite thing to do these days is play Mario Cart on the Wii with mommy & daddy, GG bought me my very own Wii wheel. And I bet you can’t guess what color it was!!!!



My FAVORITE gifts this year were my Barbie wedding set (with bridesmaids in PINK dresses) from Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin, and my PINK and purple hair styling dress up set from Nannie & Grandpa!

IMG_2000 IMG_2061

Since I love playing salon these days, they even got me my own Barbie head to style! Mommy was so excited to play it with me, since she had one when she was growing up!


Our dinner table was all set up for a perfectly PINK feast!


Mommy even wrapped PINK tulle bows around our glasses!


She made me PINK lemonade with fresh strawberries, and a salad of red leaf lettuce with PINK”ish” strawberries, craisins & even PINK Ranch dressing!


Daddy brushed the dinner rolls with edible PINK glitter dust & mommy made PINK butter!


We had PINK ham, and PINK salmon…


… but my favorite part of the meal were the PINK twice baked potatoes! I even ate two of them!


Everyone loved the PINK meal!


Grandpa even got blinged out in a PINK sequence scarf!


Cheers to PINK!!!! Is there really any better color out there?!?!?!



I LOVED my PINK Barbie cake! Thanks mom!




Thank you to everyone for a wonderfully PINK celebration!


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