Sunday, February 5, 2012

6 Months Old!

Can you believe I am already 6 months old today?!?!? I am getting SO big these days! Here are some things I’m into these days:

* I’m rolling over, and trying to gain some strength to sit up (thanks to my physical therapist)

* I love babbling, cooing & exploring my voice

* I love playing in my Johnny Jumper & grabbing my toys on my playmat

* I love putting EVERYTHING in my mouth

* I’m a GREAT sleeper! I take 3 naps a day, and sleep 9-10 hours at night

* I LOVE smiling and laughing ALL the time- I am one VERY happy little boy!

* I think my sisters are the best thing in the world

* I LOVE my helmet, and can’t even sleep without it! (Too bad I might not have it much longer…)

* Now that I am 6 months old, I get to start eating REAL food (If you count rice cereal as “real” food)!

My big sister Abby fed me my very first meal this morning with my cool construction spoon, and I LOVED it! Mommy says I’m going to be her best eater!





For my half birthday present, mommy blinged out my helmet with all new “Under Construction” stickers!


I think they look awesome, and I LOVE checking myself out in the mirror!



With all of the pink cupcakes that have been around our house this week because of Abby’s birthday, mommy thought I might like a very “boyish” 1/2 birthday cake. I like this tradition, and I can’t wait until next year when I actually get to EAT my cake!



Since I couldn’t eat my cake yet, mommy let me suck on some dinosaurs instead!



Happy 1/2 birthday to me!!!


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