Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kindergarten Registration!


I had my Kindergarten screening and registration this morning for the fall, and I LOVED my new school! I had never been inside before, and I thought it was SO cool! We saw tons of kids learning in their classrooms, having their lunches and going out to the playground for recess. I can’t WAIT for September to come! I told mommy and daddy all about my screening, and they were so impressed! Here’s what I told them that I remember:

- There were 3 neat teachers that I got to meet with, and they all had fun things for me to do at their stations.

- I had to draw a circle, write my name, say my ABC’s, and see if I could recognize a bunch of objects and say their names correctly when they spun a wheel and it landed on different things (I only remember telling them there was a zebra, but there were a lot more than that…)

- I had to jump, skip, hop & jump up to catch a bean bag when they threw it to me.

- I was AWESOME at rhyming (they should have know that I know harder rhyming words than “cat” and “hat”)!

- I had to count out blocks for them, and name all the colors (blue, red and yellow… this was SERIOUSLY easy)!

- I had to make a tower of blocks in certain shapes for them and do patterns of squares, circles & triangles… I told mommy that some of the other kids had a hard time with this one, but not me!

- They asked me what I would do if I broke a toy that belonged to someone else, and I told them straight away that I would say I was sorry… They seemed to like that answer!

- The only question that I though was kind of hard, was to show them where my wrist was… I’m not quite sure why I got that one wrong… I must have just been tired after showing off all my skills!


When mommy heard about all of the things I knew, she said that I did a great job and that they must have thought I was so smart. I simply told her: “ They didn’t say ‘You’re so smart’ because they were just so impressed with me that they couldn’t even say it! They just said, ‘Good job’, or ‘Good girl’!” I had a blast with the whole day, and can’t WAIT to start at my new school!


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