Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow storm!

We got a huge snow storm yesterday, and we got dumped with over a foot of snow! Daddy got to stay home from work, and we got to play outside for a bit! Unfortunately, everyone but daddy is still sick, so we couldn't stay out too long... but we bundled up nice and warm and had a great time. I LOVE the snow!


I loved helping daddy shovel... especially since I got to use my OWN little shovel!

The news said to stay off the roads, but I couldn't help myself... it's so much fun driving in the snow!

Daddy kept knocking all the snow onto me... I LOVED it!

My daddy ROCKS!

Daddy pulled mommy and I around in the sled! Winter is so awesome!

Mommy and I went out again to play in the snow today, and Emily came too this time! It was her first real experience with snow, and for some reason, I don't think she liked it too much...

Maybe next year Emily...

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