Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm three, I'm three, I'm three!!!!! Can you believe how fast time flies! I had an awesome day today! Daddy woke me up singing "Happy Birthday", and threw balloons in my bed! Then, I got to open presents (I let Emily baby Paige help me), and we had CUPCAKES for breakfast! After that, I got all dressed up and had a princess party with all my friends from school! We had SO much fun! For dinner that night we went to my birthday restaurant, Fudrucker's, and Emily got to go on the up-and-down horsies with me for the first time! It was an AWESOME birthday!


Emily is getting pretty good at opening presents!:

The cupcakes mommy made me were a GREAT breakfast!:

All my friends had a great time... especially when mommy read us a special princess book that had ME and all my friends in the story!

We did a great job decorating our very own princess wands...

I had a blast making our candy necklaces (especially when we got to eat them!):

My friends were so sweet to bring me gifts for my birthday, and I LOVED my name puzzle that Julie's mommy made for me!:

Everyone loved my princess cupcakes...

Even baby Eli came to my party & "dressed up" like a princess!:

The best part of my birthday was our family date when I got to go on the up-and-down horsies with daddy and Emily. I think she had a great time too!

Thanks to everyone for all the phone calls & cards! It was a GREAT day. I think being 3 is going to be my best year yet.... I can feel it!

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