Monday, February 1, 2010

Cook in training...

I love helping mommy in the kitchen these days... and I'm even making up my own recipes now! I've been talking about trying a peanut butter and banana sandwich for days now, so mommy let me make one for lunch today. In case anyone would like to try this delicious treat, here are the directions...

1. Get on your apron and chef's hat to protect your clothes:

2. Gather your ingredients... You will need 2 pieces of bread, peanut butter, and one banana:

3. Spread out the peanut butter nice and smooth:

4. Cut the banana into even pieces (but be VERY careful because knives can be sharp!):

5. "Pile" the banana slices onto the peanut butter:

6. Close the sandwich and have a grown-up cut it in half:

7. ENJOY! (WARNING: It's not really as good as it looks OR sounds...):

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