Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Cinderella Party!

I had an AWESOME princess party this weekend with my mommy, daddy, baby Emily Paige, Nannie & Grandpa, Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin! Nannie came a day early and took me shopping for my birthday present... I got lots of stuff from the Disney Store, but my favorite was my new Cinderella gown that I picked out! Thanks Nannie & Grandpa! Even though mommy, Emily & I were all sick, we still all had a GREAT time!


I had a blast playing my Pretty Pretty Princess game with daddy & Aunt Bridget... even Emily wanted to play with us!

I loved showing everyone how I can read with my new Tag reader from mommy and daddy! They were so impressed!

Everyone was so sweet to bring me gifts. I loved all of them, but I really just wanted to play with my new Tinkerbell figurines from Aunt Bridget and Uncle Kevin!

Grandpa brought me a special birthday cookie and a CHOCOLATE lollipop! It was awesome!

Daddy even bought me my very own bouquet of beautiful flowers! I love my daddy so much...



I was pretty sure I could see someone in there... I thought Elmo ate someone!

Elmo kept trying to take my birthday presents, just like my Uncle Kevin does when he plays Swiper! I wasn't too happy about it, and had to guard all my stuff. Come to think of it... Where WAS Uncle Kevin when Elmo was here??!?!?!??!

Emily wasn't too sure about him, but she didn't cry (well, maybe a few little whimpers)! Maybe he'll come back for her party in a few months!

I'm going to tell Uncle Kevin that Aunt Bridget was kissing Elmo while he was gone...

My favorite part of the party was when I got to have my special princess cake that mommy made for me! It was beautiful!

Thanks everyone for an AWESOME birthday! I can't wait until next year!

Check out my birthday video!:

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