Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Girls Night Out on the Town

For Christmas, I bought the girls tickets to the newest popular Broadway show these days, "SIX"! It's the story of Henry the VIII and his 6 wives, and we've been listening to the soundtrack for months to get ready for the show. It finally arrived, and it was even better than we expected, and we were all incredibly impressed. We had a wonderful night getting dressed up and going out together with our good friends, and it was a great way to celebrate Christmas in June!

Traffic and long restaurant wait times caused us to have a very speedy dinner, and some of us even took it with us for the walk to the theatre...

There was no time to be slowed down by our fancy heels... Although, who am I kidding????? We were going to take them off anyway because our feet were already killing us!

We made it just in time... with pizza still in hand!

We had awesome seats in the first balcony right in the center!

It's been interesting learning about all of the wives, their stories & what their marriages to Henry VIII were like. I just have to say that I'm glad I wasn't married to that man!

It was a wonderful night full of so many new memories with my girls! I can't wait for the next show on our schedule in August with the whole family! Stay tuned...

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