Monday, June 12, 2023

Moving up to High School!

The end of this school year brought some wonderful celebrations! It is hard to believe that Emily is done with Middle School and heading to High School in the fall! Her school put together a last minute award & graduation ceremony to honor the graduates, and Emily was surprised with the Academic Excellence Award in social studies with the highest grade average on her entire team! Way to go Emily!!!

This mom (and Dad of course, but he had to leave before the pictures) could not be ANY more proud of the hard work Emily has put in this year! She pulled off A honor roll every semester, and passed her EOG's, giving her an A for her high school level math class! She was also an awesome member of the band, jazz band & student council! We are SO proud of her accomplishments and are so excited to see what High School brings for her!

With the end of Middle School for Emily, comes the long awaited gift of the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh the Places You'll Go!" filled with messages from all of her teachers since preschool. It was so fun to read through all of the memories!

She swore she wasn't going to cry when she read through them, but Abby's message as her "honorary teacher" in 6th grade band set her off, and the waterworks showed up. She was truly touched by the beautiful things her teachers wrote about her over the years, and I am so happy I decided to start this gift way back in 2012 when she started preschool! You've come so far & we are so proud!


Milestones are always one of my favorite times to look back at the years of memories we've made together as a family, and this is no exception! Take a look at Emily's school experiences through the years!

Preschool Days: 

The "pink boots" preschool days arrived:

Kindergarten Days:

First school bus ride:

Here is the memorable look into Emily's wonderful work attitude during her first homework assignment:

Elementary School Days:

5 quick weeks in a new school to finish up 1st grade!

We will never forget Girls on the Run in 3rd grade!

5th Grade finished up virtually due to Covid:

Virtual Middle School in 6th Grade:

(This may have been the only time she ACTUALLY played her trumpet...)

Field trips in virtual school were awesome!

Finishing Middle School the "normal" way:

Emily, to say we are proud of you would be an amazing understatement... You have grown into an amazingly mature, fun & unique young woman. You give everything you have to everything you try, and we can't WAIT to see how your high school years will bless your life and those around you! We love you so much, and are behind you 1000%... ALWAYS!

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