Monday, July 3, 2023

Family visits are so much fun!

We had such a fun week with Bridget & Kevin, Liam & Madelyn, and Nannie & Grandpa visiting! It was VERY hot (most days were in the 100's with the heat index), so we spent most of our time indoors or at the pool. The kids were excited to go in the lazy river & on the waterslide! Believe it or not, the Beach Family made it to the pool THREE times this week! I think that might be a new record...

Bridget, Kevin, Brian & I spent a fun evening out in downtown Raleigh, where we had delicious ramen, and got to show them around to some of our favorite spots!

We also enjoyed a small brewery tour in our own town with everyone on one of the rainy afternoons, and we had a blast hanging out and playing games together!

Apparently, planking contests were also a thing!

And Maddy loved having "girl talk time" in Emily's room at night where we all shared stories & did each others hair. She's growing up fast!

Maddy's favorite part of the week may have been finding our dress up bins and putting on a fashion show for all of us!


We had an awesome time together, and are so glad they all made the trip down to visit!

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