Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New blog posts!

Whew! I’ve spent the last three days at the computer editing and organizing pictures, and I have FINALLY gotten around to blogging about our Chicago/Michigan wedding trip! There are 13 entries (there were too many pictures to make one post), so here is a list of all of the new posts in the order that they happened… I hope you can set aside a few hours to look at it all and enjoy!
1. Arriving in Chicago:
2. Wedding rehearsal & Rehearsal dinner:
3. Getting ready on the morning of the wedding:
5. Exploring downtown Chicago:
6. Visiting with Drew!:
7. Playing wedding and some green screen fun with our cousins:
8. Jenn & Aaron’s coffee business:
9. Fun at the Critter Barn!:
10. Our trip to Grandpa Hawk and Grandma Nancy’s house:
11. Our birthday celebration!:
12. Sunny days on the beach in Michigan:
13. Lemonade and Legos:
14. Back home at Nannie & Grandpa’s House:

I hope you enjoy reliving our adventures! Smile

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