Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Lucia

When mommy was little, she used to celebrate Santa Lucia day, which is a Swedish tradition on December 13th, when one girl from each household dresses up in a white gown, red sash and a crown of candles. She gets up VERY early and brings homemade buns and hot drinks to the people in her town, singing the song, “Santa Lucia”. Mommy used to do this in her neighborhood, and even once in her dorm room at North Park College! Today we got to celebrate our very first Santa Lucia Day, and I got to be her! Mommy found her Lucia crown from 20 years ago, and it had to be taped together since the plastic has disintegrated, but the candles still worked! The dress was a little big for me, but I LOVED serving tea and cookies to my sister! I think I like this tradition!






Mommy looked everywhere for a picture of when she was Santa Lucia growing up, but she can’t find any pictures except for when she was an “extra” in the Lucia Pageant… she’s the one with the shockingly red pants!


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