Friday, December 7, 2012

Pinocchio is back and he’s on the naughty list this year…

Our Elf of the Shelf “Pinocchio” is back for this Christmas season, and he is getting into all kinds of trouble! Santa sent us a letter warning of us his misbehavior, and we are supposed to watch out for him and set a good example. He’s one naughty little elf…

The first morning he was here, he tried to make “Rapunzel” hair out of toilet paper just like we do, but he just ended up making a mess that we had to clean up…



On Saturday, he thought he was helping out in getting us ready for pancake morning, but he ended up getting as far as getting out the chocolate chips, and dumped them everywhere!


The next night he came in our room, and we found him hanging from our Christmas tree, after taking down half of our ornaments to get there!


One morning we had a hard time finding him until mommy went to get a glass of OJ…


He must have been pretty cold on his trip back from the North Pole this night because he dumped out all of our snow clothes and bundled himself right up!



Mommy was particularly upset when she woke up and found that he had the idea to make snow angels out of her baking flour!


Ben must have taught him how to make towers out of the cans in the pantry, and he actually made a pretty good one!


Luckily, one night he was just exhausted from all of his trouble making, and decided to just take a rest with some Kleenex in our Christmas card box…


We’ll be sure to let you know if he gets into any more trouble, (which we’re PRETTY sure is going to happen…)!

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