Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas photoshoot

Aunt Bridget & our cousin Liam came by so we could try a Christmas photo shoot together, and we don’t know WHAT she was thinking! What a DISASTER!!!! As always, it was an hour of prep time setting up the shots & getting us all showered, dressed & posed for about 10 minutes of semi-cooperation along with a whole lot of tears! Ben & Liam won’t sit still anymore, and Emily wasn’t having a very good day (to say the VERY least)… Abby managed to pull it together on a few occasions, and while we managed to get a couple of cute shots, Mommy thinks we need to try again one more time. We think she’s just crazy…

-Abby, Emily & Ben





Guess what?!?!? Liam fit in Ben’s basket from last Christmas, so Mommy had a good time taking his first Christmas pictures for Aunt Bridget this year. Maybe he’ll find his way on Pinterest too!



He was making himself right at home in the Santa basket!


This was mommy’s favorite picture from the day… Aunt Bridget said she thinks it’s because he looks just like Ben!


Hey… Look at my tie!!!





We’ll be sure to let you know if we get any more good ones!

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