Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pinocchio has to go home now…

Now that tomorrow night is Christmas Eve, Pinocchio has to go back to the North Pole with Santa until next Christmas season. We’ve had so much fun with him this year, and I think we may have even taught him how to get off the naughty list! Since we checked in last, he’s been VERY busy at our house…

We found out he loves to read…


Especially Ben’s favorite book!


He loves having tea parties with our Barbies…


He made himself a ramp out of our Christmas books, and drove our Barbie car right into the baker’s rack!


He LOVES to fly!


He likes to wear mommy’s jewelry…


…and he even takes showers and brushes his teeth!



One morning we found him rocking baby Jesus, and we think he learned about the true meaning of Christmas!


From that point on, he was very helpful around the house! He washed our windows…


Cleaned the dishes…


Dusted the living room…


… and even folded the laundry! I think Santa will be pleased that we were able to teach him how to be good!


This morning, we found him at our computer typing out a special message for us! We got our special Santa videos again this year!


We’re going to miss Pinocchio when he goes, and we’re already thinking about where he’s going to pop up next year!

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