Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Please Touch Museum trip

On our way down to Washington DC for our vacation with Mommy’s family, we stopped at the Please Touch Children’s Museum in Philadelphia, and had so much fun playing with our Mor-Mor! It was a great way to start our trip!

-Abby, Emily & Ben

We all got to pretend to be the Statue of Liberty…

IMG_6628 IMG_6632 IMG_6633


Emily loved all the water activities…


Abby & Emily LOVED playing on the floor piano from the movie “BIG”…


Ben just loved everything, especially himself…


They had a whole “Alice in Wonderland” area, and we got to dress up and have a tea party for our “unbirthdays”…





We got to go to the “Pinch and Penny” puppet show, which was all about saving and spending money… The kids loved it, but the grown ups said it was AWFUL…


Emily found a little house to play in that had lots of babies, and she was in heaven!

IMG_6610 IMG_6612

They had the coolest grocery store to go shopping in! Emily picked everything chocolate and some goldfish, and Abby loaded her cart with lots of fruits and veggies! Daddy was a good cashier, and Mor-Mor was an excellent bagger!




We loved learning to operate the excavator truck…

IMG_6676 IMG_6684

We got to finish off our fun day with a ride on the carousel with our Mor-Mor! What a fun time we had!


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