Saturday, January 22, 2022

Snow Day!

This opportunity doesn't come along very often in NC, but we got 2-3" of snow, got a day off of school, and had SO much fun playing outside with friends!

We went with the neighbors back to the woods behind our house and had an awesome time exploring.

Everyone tried to find the biggest piece of ice they could from the creek back there!

There was quite a bit of snowball fighting too!

Even some sledding went down!

Snow angels!

The dogs may have had even more fun that we did!

Their feet were FULL of snowballs!

Someone got his square in the face... but kept on going!

We found a natural see-saw in the woods!

After being thoroughly frozen on our walk, the kids went in to shower, and the grown-ups had some snack and margaritas by the campfire! Next time we should do Hot Toddy's though!

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