Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

After getting our negative COVID tests from our exposure at Christmas, and being cleared to hang out with our friends again, we were excited to go next door for our annual New Years Eve party! This year, we decided to dress up in white and black, with a POP of color somewhere... it could be jewelry, make up, nail polish, accessories... anything! Everyone had fun with it, and it was fun to be fancy for a night, even if we were just hanging out in the neighbor's basement! Emily wears my wedding dress all the time anyway, so it was a perfect opportunity to wear it out, and Lady Abigail even graced us with her presence for the evening! 

We all tried holding our breath for our big group shot, and then we all quickly spread out again with the doors and windows open! 

Brian's pop of purple even extended to his beer! The guys were calling it his "Pernicious Gift Pack"!

Miss Kari had minute to win it games again, and everyone had a blast...


There were A LOT of selfies happening!


I'm so blessed to have lived another crazy year with my amazing family and awesome friends. We have all worked hard together to stay safe, have fun & make memories!  I'm looking forward to what 2022 will hold for us all! Happy New Year!

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