Monday, March 10, 2014

My kindergarten evaluation!

Today was the day for me to have my Kindergarten evaluation! Mommy’s been a little nervous about it since I do things on my own time, and she was afraid I might not cooperate, but I told her not to worry. When she asked me how it went, my answer was a bit different than my sisters, who told her every detail of the morning, and that “the teachers were so impressed, that they didn’t even know what to say!” I told Mommy: “I got to have a snack!” Yup… that just about sums it up!



Mommy didn’t realize it until she came home and looked at the pictures, but Abigail and I wore the same dress and coat for our evaluations (but I have MUCH cooler shoes)! If you want to read Abby’s post to get an idea of what questions they asked me, here it is:


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