Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Abby!

After six long months of planning and waiting, I FINALLY turned SIX and got to have my carrot party! I came up with the idea all on my own, and mommy had a fun time planning for it! Unfortunately, our cousin Liam was pretty sick, so they couldn’t come for the big party weekend, so we decided to split our celebration in two parts, and we will be having my family carrot party next weekend instead. Mommy still knew we needed to celebrate with all of the carrot decorations, so she set it all up for me for a special breakfast celebration instead! We made a special carrot banner, carrot garland, and decorated the house & table in all orange and green! Even my presents were wrapped in orange and green! Mor-Mor sent us a box of carrot goodies that she had saved over the years from Mommy’s Aunt Jean and Uncle Paul’s collection and we had fun using them for decorations! We have even more to bring out next weekend when everyone comes for our special carrot lunch! Thanks for making my dreams of a carrot party come true… and happy birthday to me!!!






Daddy is pretty special because he made carrot-shaped pancakes for my birthday breakfast! We LOVED them! Thanks daddy!

6 7

8 11


12 13

My tower of carrot-looking presents was HUGE!


Emily gave me size 6 pajamas, a bathrobe & fuzzy slippers! I love getting size 6 stuff!

17 20

Ben gave me a bucket of glow-in-the-dark planets and stars to put in our room! This was the only thing I had actually asked for this year!



Mommy and Daddy gave me an awesome word game of scrabble and a whole collection of Boxcar Children books! They know I LOVE reading these days!



Mor-Mor & Grandpa Dave sent me a whole kit of crafts which we worked on all morning and even more size 6 clothes!


I loved trying to read each card, and did pretty good!


Mor-Mor even sent me a special puzzle card that I had to put together to read!

30 31


No carrot party would be complete with out a genuine carrot costume, and Mommy found one for me, of course! I LOVED it!

33 34

35 36


Mommy & Daddy decorated the outside of my bedroom door with orange and green balloons the night before so I had balloons flying everywhere when I woke up in the morning!



We spent a while in the morning playing my new Scrabble game with Mommy & Daddy while we had some carrot sticks… of course!



After lunch we had a special celebration with my “carrot” cupcakes! Six candles is A LOT of candles to blow out!


47 48

In the afternoon, the celebration continued when Emily & I went roller skating with Daddy! We both got SO much better at it since we went last month!

50 55



56 58


We ended my long birthday celebration with a trip to Benihana’s for dinner. We love watching them cook in front of us & using chopsticks! Ben just loved the noodles…



63 64

66 68

They brought me a special birthday sundae and even sang to me! What a great birthday!




Mommy helped me fill out my annual birthday questionnaire, and I was able to read ALL the questions by myself this year!


I had a wonderful birthday celebration, and can’t wait until the next one next weekend! Thank you to everyone for the cards, gifts & calls! Birthday’s ROCK!!!!


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