Monday, June 6, 2011

Ben’s first blog entry

Mommy is getting to have a lot of extra glimpses of me these days, since she is being monitored a little more closely because of her gestational diabetes. I’m causing her a bit of trouble these days, but once she saw my already chubby cheeks, she realized it was all going to be worth it! I’m hanging out in here, growing big, and am already measuring 3 pounds, 12 ounces! That’s in the 60th %, and about a week ahead of schedule, which the doctor said is great! Mommy noticed my head is measuring about 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule, so just like with my sisters, she’s glad she’s having a c-section! I’ll just be hanging out here for another 8 1/2 weeks, kicking my mommy, but I can’t wait to make my entrance and meet everyone, and she can’t wait to let everyone else have a chance to hold me for a bit too!

- Ben


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