Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning!

We finally understood what mommy went through as a child when she had to stay out of the living room until everyone was awake on Christmas morning… it’s really hard to do when you’re a kid!


All the kids lined up, youngest to oldest, to head in and see what Santa left!


He ate the cookies we left him (Abby & Julia were the only one’s to notice)!


The gift of the year was a Pillow Pet for all the kids! Abby loved her purple hippo, and Emily loved her “Woo-Woo”:



Emily was a little under the weather that morning, and couldn’t get past the wrapping paper stuck to her finger to keep opening gifts…


Abby’s favorite gift of the morning was her Rupunzel wig from Mor-Mor:


Emily LOVED feeding her new baby:


It was a crazy, noisy, chaotic Christmas morning, but we all had a blast! Thanks Mor-Mor!


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