Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas is a time for family…

We had so many people at Mor-Mor’s house this year for Christmas, that we could hardly all fit! Mommy’s cousins were even there, and one of their family’s flew in the night before to surprise everyone! It was a full house, but we had so much fun!





Mor-Mor gave all the guys special t-shirts (my daddy’s was my favorite):


Even mommy & Aunt Jenna got matching sister shirts:


Daddy gave my Mac “obsessed” Uncle Aaron some special PC gifts as his grab bag… He took it well Smile


Finally, Mor-Mor gave everyone a special “pig” gift in honor of my cousin Julia’s favorite pig, Wilbur, at the Critter Barn who she loves to tell the story about how he “got chopped up to bacon”… There were A LOT of pigs in the house!


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