Sunday, September 20, 2009

My new haircut

Today was a big day for me... I got my first real haircut "style"! I don't know WHY mommy & daddy thought I needed my hair cut... my hair is CRAZY lately!

I did a great job keeping my head down, but it took a lot of concentration, because they had put "The Little Mermaid" on for me to watch!

I was really good at sitting still, and I actually had a really good time!

Mommy ALMOST cried when she looked down and saw my curls, but she held it together. In the car, when she told me she was sad to see my curls gone, I told her, "It's just my hair mommy"!

Checking out my new "do"... I LOVE it!

Mommy says I look like her "grown-up little girl"!

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