Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My 1st day of "pre" preschool!

Today I went to my very first day of "pre" pre-school as mommy calls it. She, along with 3 other of my friends' mommies, decided to get together and teach us all cool stuff once a week. I had SO much fun, and can't wait to see what learning I get to do next week!


This was my very first "first day of school" picture!:

I loved wearing my Hello Kitty backpack:

When I got to my friends' house, we were checking out what each other had in their backpacks. We each had to bring crayons, scissors, and a glue stick (my FAVORITE part):

My friend Abby's mommy taught us our first lesson, and we started by getting our very own name cards that we got to put stickers on!:

I was pretty good at singing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes"!:

The letter of the day today was "A"... there are SO many things that start with "A", but the coolest one is "Abby"!:

We are going to add a letter bead every week to our necklaces, when we learn a new letter!:

We had to use our glue sticks to make a picture of different things that start with "A". I LOVE gluing!:

We also talked about circles, and got to make our very own drums decorated with circle stickers!:

Then we read a book all about drumming during storytime, and got to play our drums!:

Finally, my favorite part was snacktime, when we made "a"nts-on-a-log & had "a"pples!:

I had an awesome time at school, and can't wait to show daddy everything I learned! I wonder what I'm going to learn next week!?!?!?!

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