Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aunt Bridget & Uncle Kevin visit

This weekend, my Aunt Bridget and Uncle Kevin came for a visit. They said they had a great time on their honeymoon, but they couldn't wait to come and see me! We had a great time hanging out and playing in my "jumpy-jumpy" together...


Uncle Kevin does a really good job throwing me high in the sky!

Mommy said Emily was too little to play in my jumpy-jumpy, but she had a good time in her toy!

This morning we all went for a great hike. I lasted 2 minutes in daddy's pack, and then decided I wanted to walk almost the WHOLE way! I love climbing rocks and hiking!

Cody and Shamus had a blast together!

Daddy found a frog for me, and I loved trying to hold him, but he was too quick... he kept hopping out of my hands!

Cody loves swimming, and loves catching her sticks even more than I loved throwing them out for her!

My daddy is the coolest!

Thanks for a nice visit Bridget & Kevin!

1 comment:

Bridget said...

Wow... You are fast. We JUST got home. Thanks for a great visit.

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