Friday, December 22, 2023

Our Family Christmas Morning

We enjoyed our early family Christmas morning together before heading to Long Island for Christmas this year. It was a time filled with sweet memories together!

It was actually more like this, while we waited for Emily to wake up and join us!

Everyone was excited to share the gifts they got and paid for for each other this year!

Everyone was excited... from Doritoes to hard drives!

Abby LOVED her collector's edition of her new book from Emily!

Emily has been playing Wordle every day, so the Wordle board game was the perfect gift!


Ben was full of hugs & thankfulness as usual!

Ozzy made himself nice and cozy with Emily for the morning!

Abby was super excited about her game this year too... Harry Potter Codenames!

Open mouths on Christmas morning run in the family!

The kids were excited to get some spending money for our trip to Europe this summer and wrapped up a fun morning of sharing gifts! 

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