Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Ben's Project for Agricultural Science

Ben had a 3 month project for his plant & animal science class, so he decided to take on building an obstacle course and training our dogs! He and Brian worked hard drawing up a plan together, calculating measurements to build a hanging bridge, and figuring out how to use the supplies they needed without much waste before heading to the hardware store. 

After unloading all of the wood, Brian taught him how to make the correct measurements and use a post hole digger, a level, a miter saw, a hand saw, drills & more!  

When Grandpa came to visit, he helped them build two platforms and ramps for the dogs to use (although neither of the dogs needed it, and just jumped up on the platforms)...

Ben armed himself with a bag of treats and got to training! 

After a lot of treats and a little time, Ozzy finally made it across the bridge, but Luna was too small and scared & was more suited for some of the other obstacles he put up...

Check out Ozzy working the obstacle course!

Great job Ben!

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