Friday, March 31, 2023

A new driver in the house!

Believe it or not, it's been a year since Abby got her driver's permit, and she's logged WAY more than her 60 required hours. So... that meant we were off to the DMV to get the next step license for her! It is SO hard to get an appointment at the DMV, so while we had one scheduled for the end of April, we decided to try a walk-in appointment so she could get it a bit early...

We left at 6:30 in the morning, grabbed some Dunkin, and we arrived to find a relatively short line at 7:15. We brought our coffee and blankets to sit outside and wait until 8am when they opened.

When they opened, they said they weren't doing walk in road tests that day, so we packed up, and drove to another DMV to try our luck... This line was a bit longer, but we expected that since we weren't there too early.

While Abby waited, I made my way through the line asking if anyone knew if they had announced anything about their services that day, and I quickly learned that they weren't doing road tests either, so off we went again to find a 3rd DMV to try our luck...

The 3rd one we went to wasn't too busy, but they only had two people working, and one was going home sick. We were told it was "almost impossible" that they could do walk-in road tests, but said we would wait and see... A VERY long story later, Abby was allowed to do the road test, which lasted all of 2 minutes! 

After more drama of a power outage at the DMV and more delays while the system had to reboot, we FINALLY walked out of there with her driver's license!!!! The first person she texted was Emily to see where she wanted to go together when we got home :)

I bought her a gag book to celebrate the exciting day, and we laughed all the way home. 

I'm so proud of this girl, but she is growing up WAY too fast :(

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