Friday, August 6, 2021

Best buddies!

The best thing that might have happened to Ozzy so far, besides bringing him home to live with us, was to bring the best sister and playmate into his life! These two are truly the other half of each other that they didn't know was missing! It's so amazing to watch their bond grow!

They love to play tug of war, and Ozzy is so gentle with Luna!

Check out this video of their first time playing tug-of-war together:

They play ALL the time

They've gotten pretty crazy playing together, and a lot of teeth come out! Luna is VERY energetic and LOVES to bite Ozzy, but he is AMAZING with her, and is teaching her "boundaries" while being very gentle... This is one of the first videos of them playing together, so we'll have to post an updated one of the "real play" they do now!

There's no stopping this awesome duo...

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