Thursday, June 10, 2021

End of school and graduation day for Abby!

The end of this crazy school year is finally here, and that's a wrap on virtual learning! Mom says we're going back to school in the fall! Ben finished 3rd grade, Emily finished her first year of middle school, and Abby graduated from 8th grade and is off to high school in the fall! Time is going to fast around here...

It's hard to believe this girl is graduating... My, how she has grown!

Ben's teachers finally got to meet him and the other kids with a last day of school ice cream party and park playdate! It's crazy that they went a whole school year without ever meeting each other in person, but as soon as they all showed up, it was like they'd been together all year!

Ben got the "donut" award... He was recognized for working hard and he "do-nut" ever give up! His teachers were so happy to finally get some Ben hugs! They definitely missed out on that this year!

Abby also finally got her graduation gift that Mom has been working on for 9 years! She got a copy of Dr. Suess's "Oh The Places You'll Go" signed by every teacher she has ever had since preschool with Grandma Worthing... She LOVED it, as well as the scrapbook Mom put together of all her artwork and writings since she started school too!

This was truly a unique school year!

We are so proud of our girls for making honor roll all 4 quarters this year!

So we celebrated the last day of school with the girl's second Covid vaccines and snowcones!

Well done everyone! Now bring on summer!

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