Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Visit with family for the holidays!

We were able to end this crazy year of 2020 with a long-awaited visit with family! We've all been really careful lately so we could get a chance to be together for the holidays, and we can't believe we made it happen! Aunt Bridget, Uncle Kevin, Liam, Madelyn, Nannie & Grandpa all came for a few days and we squeezed in some family time together! Thank you for coming, and we're hoping next year brings even more visits together...

We had some Christmas fun with decorating cookies together!

The boys had fun making a comic book together, and the girls enjoyed some coloring!

We got an awesome big Jenga game for Christmas and we had hours of fun with it!

Liam rocked some Mexican Domino train game!

Everyone had fun trying out some Beat Saber and roller coasters on the Virtual Reality headset!


Grandpa was a little unsteady on his feet, and felt like he was on a real rollercoaster!

We had our gift exchange, and Grandpa found quite a shirt for Mom!

The girls loved playing dress up and having a few fun photoshoots!

If anyone remembers our "Binky Fairy" movie from years ago, here's the crazy & silly sequel to Madelyn, the accidental murderer! We love making our home movies!

Another family visit in the books... We celebrated and enjoyed our time together once again! 

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