Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas morning!

Santa was good to us this year, and we enjoyed our Christmas morning celebration together!

Stockings are still the best!

Everyone was pretty excited about the VR machine this year!

Everyone loved getting their own Shutterfly calendar for their rooms!

And Ben of course got a lot more "fox" stuff!

All Abby wanted in her stocking was "succulents" for her room...

Emily's fake glasses were a hit!

Gum is ALWAYS a favorite for Ben!

Emily was super excited to see her "Chad" ornament and socks!

We had an awesome morning and loved trying out the VR before Christmas dinner with the neighbors!

I'm not sure Ben got the memo on how the VR system works and that he doesn't actually have to sit in front of the TV (or where the TV might be?)

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